There is 140 million km 3 of water on the Earth. And only 123 thousand km3 of these, is fresh or drinking water.The total amount of fresh water in Georgia is 93, 3 km3. Fresh water resources are one of the main riches of Georgia. By the average height of the formation of the layer of fresh water within a year Georgia occupies an important place in the world, it lags only behind European countries Norway, Switzerland and Austria.
There are 26060 rivers and their whole length is approximately 60 thousand km. From these 18109 rivers belong to the black sea pool and 7951 to the Caspian Sea pool; this is 30% of total number of the rivers of Georgia. A large part of the river belongs to the type of Mountain Rivers. Here because of the big partition of the terrain surface we do not meet the long rivers, the average length of the rivers is 2, 3 km.
Georgia is rich in underground waters, which is due to abundant presence of atmospheric sediments in its territory (93.3 km3 per year). According to the latest data the stock of natural underground water resources is 21, 7 km3, (311mm.) which is 43% of Surface flow in the whole territory and the annual atmospheric precipitation is 23%.These waters are mostly low mineralization and helpful for drink.
„ water “ Author Vaja Trapaidze
„The atlas of Natural disasters, threats and risk characteristic for the territory of Georgia”