12719562_458183357725111_6227173324035611002_oconnection with the international day of the forest, foundation  Your Forest together with the national center of the manuscript of a name of  K.Kekelidze opened  an exhibition “The History of Green Pages”.The exhibition was attended Environment Minister Gigla Agulashvili and representatives of different spheres.


At the Exhibition was exposed ancient manuscripts and historical documents about forest sacrifice, about forest use, as well as miniatures, which features the creation of forest cover, flora and fauna, which are stored in the National Center of Manuscripts. At an exhibition will be submitted the document of the 19th century which is stored in Khevsureti  in Arabuli’s family, According to this document forest reduction was forbidden in the forests which protected from avalanches and landslides And if someone  broke a ban, then he had to pay a penalty.

It should be noted that this document is made by Khevsureti’s population that is an indicator of how they highly appreciated ecology and cared for environment.


12885783_458183131058467_8421535493585304546_oAs the deputy director of Fund has reported your Forest- Irakli Eradze notes, it should be noted the fact that she Khevsureti’s document the population that is an indicator of that, is how great that time the population of ecological culture and how well they thought that they had a wood.

“It is important and significant that  historical materials kept in the National Center of Manuscripts are about green environment. The exhibition aims is to show to the public how they cared about  forests and the environment in Georgia  in the past. Unfortunately, today we have a very difficult situation in terms of forest protection and conservation. In last twenty years  almost ¼ of the forests is destroyed . Diseases of trees and massive cuts of the timber aggravates this problem. The foundation Your Forest in order to restore forest start the specific Project, but neither we, or any other organization, or the state alone can not cope with this problem without the maximum involvement of the public and without proper mental attitude to the environment. That’s why it is  important for us to change society’s attitudes towards environment, events of this kind are intended for this purpose” – said Irakli Eradze.

According to him, for this reason it is important for the public relation to your Forest fundation -of ecological respect. Similar types of events are also directed to this purpose.


12671773_458183277725119_7228890586778839444_o“The national center of manuscripts of the Georgian hand-written heritage of the largest depositary in the world. Ancient hand-written books, historical documents and unique archival materials in many areas and genres include: as character and the more so forest conservation becomes more and more problematic and topical issue, it is important for tracking of historical heritage of the letter – as the woods of art, historical documents and, in general, thinking.

Therefore with Your Forest foundation,  we decided at the day of international forest day organizing “The history of green Pages”, We consider that it will be interesting for public”.- has reported Nestan Bagauri ,head of National Center of Manuscripts, education and exhibitions department.




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