J Group Global hold the conference “Restoration and sustainable management of forest ecosystem in Georgia” in Patriarchate’s Youth Center.

With the organization of   ministry of environmental protection and with the support of the Patriarchate of Georgia, the international Israel Company J Group Global (JGG) will carry out project of unprecedented scale to save Georgian forest.

12322543_423659691177478_1130882262180241061_oSpecially created international working group will develop working plan forest restoration and protection, which will be based on scientific research.

The University of Georgia and Israel and the students will be involved in. With modern technologies, climate change, deseased  trees, soils and tree species will be studied scientifically and then a new forest development project will be created.

The conference was attended by Israel ambassador Yuval Fuchs, Environment Minister Gigla Agulashvili, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Gocha Tsopurashvili , the heads of the company J Group Global (JGG) , experts and representatives of international organizations and foundations.