About us

On February, 2016 “Your  Forest”  foundation is founded in Georgia. “Your  Forest”  Foundation  is  non-profit  organization  and  established  by the Israeli company  “J Group  Global  Ltd”  (founded 2007).  At this stage, all the activities of the Foundation  financed by its founders.


“Your Forest” Foundation closely cooperates with the Patriarchate of Georgia, Tel Aviv University, Agro University and Botanical Institute in Tbilisi.

At the present time Your Forest Foundation has signed the Memorandums of Cooperation and Understanding with the Georgian Patriarchate, the Municipality of Batumi City, the Regional Development Agency Mtskheta-Mtianeti and Batumi State University named after Shota Rustaveli.


The main goals of the Foundation arethe introduction of the modern agro technologies, creation of interdisciplinary programs of the effective agro economy administrating in a different region of Georgia and environment recovery. “Your Forest” Foundation creates a long-term program of eco- and agro- investigations to solve issues such as:


  • Development and adaptation of the long-term ecological and agro-ecological models.
  • Influence of the different environmental components on the ecosystem and agro system functionality
  • Ecological approaches, development and integration based on a successful practice of the agriculture and forestry managements
  • Usage of the renewable energy sources as thepriority

which cannot be solved by short-term observations or local experiments.
For success of the project, it is planned to put into operation a network of the research stations which will locate in all climatic regions of Georgia. They will cover the full diversity of the climate and soil features of the country. Scientific topics will be developed based on each research station and covered specific features of the local eco- and agro- systems in the region. All research stations will collect long-term data, which will contribute to the improvement an utilization of agrofarms and ecosystem in Georgia.


The results of the intellectual programs will be high-tech tools, programs and technologies foreffectively usage and management of agro- and ecosystems without an environmental damaging and also restoration of the degraded ecosystem. These tools, programs and technologies will create a high-tech platform and lead to an improvement in the following:


  • Creating working places in the periphery.
  • Creating large forested areas and parks.
  • Creating human resources related to intellectual property.
  • Increasing the impact of the agriculture and forestry to the macroeconomic indicators (Gross National Product) by the converting farms and forest into profitable industry.
  • Improving the environment quality.
  • Reducingthe sickness rate of the flora, fauna andpeople connected the environmental pollution.
  • Introduction the Georgia on the leading position in the field of the environmental research and agro ecology.