12In 2013, after a meeting with the Patriarch of Georgia, Ilya Shapira, “Your Forest” Founder and Yosef Shapira, Director of J-Group-Global came to the decision to implement a large-scale agro-ecological project in Georgia. J-Group-Global Company planted about thousand hectares of forests in Turkmenistan, having learned about the company’s activities, His Holiness shared the situation and problems of Georgian forests. After the meeting with His Holiness, the Patriarch of Georgia, J-Group-Global experts and scientists for two years studied the Georgian ecosystem problems and threats. After the reviewing of overall situation, it was decided to establish the “Your Forest” Foundation, which will unite two sectors: agriculture and environment.


«Your Forest» Foundation, through its projects implementation, detailed answers to the farmers questions, facing towards the agro-ecology and forestry. By these projects, farmers will get the comprehensive information about the potentially prospective places for various plant types planting for the next decades. One of the main Foundation activities is agro-forestry, which solving the problems associated with windbreaks, drought, and the shelterbelts creation. Initially is planned to conduct the research works on the whole territory of Georgia, using of modern technologies. During these work the following processes will be defined as climate change, soil moisture content, the water amount as well as favorable places for planting trees or other crops. This is the first such kind of project, conducted in Georgia, involving the construction of 30 stations within 50 kilometers radius from each other in different climatic zones, which will explore different climate data and other parameters, namely: soil conditions, moisture content and water balance.


The stations will operate by invited foreign scientists and experts, who will conduct the various researches defining forest and agricultural lands problems, and will develop the ways to solve these issues. At the greenhouses the imported forest trees seedlings, garden and other plants nurseries will be set up. Those plants that accustomed in different climatic and soil conditions, will be planted at the nearby forests, thus will restored the windbreaks. The farmers will also be able to use these seedlings.


Your Forest Foundation project is a very important, both from the standpoint of environmental protection and agriculture, as well as in education and economy areas. The project will improve the skills level of the local working population. As for researches, the information will be important to investors and others, concerned in agricultural sector. The investor, based on the precise research data, will have the information about its investment prospects. Data from stations: soil moisture, temperature, water content, etc., farmers will receive on a weekly basis, which undoubtedly will help in their farms planning and management.

dsc_9497At the present time Your Forest Foundation has signed the Memorandums of Cooperation and Understanding with the Georgian Patriarchate, the Municipality of Batumi City, the Regional Development Agency Mtskheta-Mtianeti and Batumi State University named after Shota Rustaveli.

One of the Your Forest Foundation priorities is the conducting of trainings and seminars with the participation of international experts and specialists in ecology and agriculture areas. Thanks to the Foundation Management,  Georgia have visited many famous scientists and experts. In March 2016, the  Your Forest Foundation organized a seminar with the participation of famous Israeli agro-expert, Nevo Doron (scientist with 20 years of working experience in many countries, who took part in advising the Ministries of Agriculture of those countries on planning and development of the country agricultural policy) and specialist for agricultural products quality control, Gamson Raphael.



September this year, Your Forest Foundation invited the famous international agro-expert, Nabil Gnaem for conducting a workshop on strawberry cultivation and protection from disease. The seminar was held with the support of Mtskheta province.


Nabil Gnaem told farmers about modern technologies and methods of strawberry protection and the diseases fighting. The seminar were attended the farmers and agro-entrepreneurs from all over the Georgia. “My task was to devote the most part of today’s seminar answering the questions regarding the strawberry protection and its disease fight
ing, based on the information, which I previously received from the Georgian farmers.


As well as to tell the farmers about new methods of strawberry cultivation, allowing to obtain the good harvest results. It would be highly useful to conduct more such a kind of workshops not just for strawberry cultivation, but also for growing the other crops, “- said Mr. Gnaem. Farmers also noted the importance of this workshop, necessity of modern knowledge obtaining and experience exchange.

dsc_0639The Fund is actively participating in symposiums, conferences and forums in agro and ecosystems direction. In November 2015, the company J-Group-Global organized a conference entitled “Restoring and managing Georgia’s forest ecosystem.” Conference was attended by Georgian Minister of Environment, the Minister of Agriculture of Georgia, and the Ambassador of the State of Israel, as well as Forest Department representatives, who for years coordinated the ecosystems conservation in different countries.


One of the main Foundation’s priorities is to conduct an information campaign. The Foundation management assumes that, individually, no one organization, Fund or State cannot to solve the country’s environmental problems. Therefore, an important aspect is to explain to the public the full understanding of nature protection visions. Your Forest Foundation actively continues to work in this direction and has already conducted several information campaign.


March 21 – International Forests Day, in this connection Your Forest Foundation organized an exhibition named “Green pages of history” at the National Center of Manuscripts. The exhibition presents old manuscripts and documents telling about the careful attitude of our forefathers to forests and nature in general. Until that day these documents were unknown to the public and kept at the Manuscripts Center. During the week exhibition was opened to the public, which was visited many pupils and students from all over Georgia.


1Head of the Exhibition Center of the National Center of Manuscripts, Nestan Bagauri: “For many years we have carried out many and interesting exhibitions, but such huge scale of public interest has not yet happened.”
Minister of Environment Gigla Agulashvili: “For me the real discovery became an exhibition, organized by the Your Forest Foundation, at the National Center of Manuscripts, presenting documents written by residents of Khevsureti and dated to the 19th century. These documents indicate the care about the environment of the population of that time. This exhibition is a good message to the people to follow the example our forefathers and their respect and care to the nature. This should be the part of our Georgian historic culture”.



Also on 17 June, the Foundation has organized another exhibition dedicated to the International Day of Fighting against Desertification. On Chardonnay was held a photo exhibition of famous Georgian photographer Mikhail Kavtaradze. The purpose of this exhibition was to familiarize the population with the risks and threats that carried desertification and forest degradation. At the exhibition were distributed leaflets and stickers with the accessible information regarding the forests reduction and disastrous for the environment and humans caused by desertification.

The Foundation also launched a campaign “Forest protects you! Take care of your forest.” The Your Forest Foundation campaign is designed for the Facebook page, where publishes video-messages of known and famous people with a call for forests protection and care of nature. Your Forest Foundation page on Facebook regularly publishes various information regarding the problems in agro- and eco-areas, statistics, analysis and current situation forecasts. The goal of this campaign is to inform the public about the threats and environmental consequences related to forest degradation, as well as developing the people’s understanding and culture, focused on the forests and national parks protection. The Foundation cooperates with many Medias as necessary and important source to inform the population.

Hollywood photographer the Owner of an award of an “Emmy”  will join the public campaign “Save Georgian Forest
TV anchor Dima Oboladze

famous footballer Achi arveladze

TV anchor Gvantsa daraselia
Famous Georgian journalist  Goderdzi Sharashia
Georgian National Ballet “Sukhishvilebi ” solist Bachana Canturia
Group “Frani” solist Gaga Chikhladze has joined the information campaign of Your Forest Foundation “Take Care of Your Forest”
Group “REGGAEON” solist Lasha Nozadze

“Your Forest” Foundation and the J-Group-Global company organized and conducted a number of agro-workshops in several regions of Georgia. The main topics of these workshops were: usage of advanced technologies in agriculture, productivity increasing, farms development. Seminars were conducted by international agricultural experts, as Pinny Sarig, Naftali Kowalski, Ilya Plotkin, as well as the representative of well-known Israeli company “NAANDANJAIN” Yigal Master. Foreign experts familiarized the Georgian farmers with the latest methodologies and technologies developed in agriculture, namely: wine growing, greenhouses and fish farms.


The workshops main topics are: vineyard care, irrigation control, new technologies of drip irrigation systems, greenhouses and its accessories. As well as the newest methods and technologies of fruit and vegetables growing, the methodology of aquaculture development in the fish farms. Professor Pinny Sarig noted that his seminar will familiarize the farmers with advanced technologies used in various European countries for grapes cultivation, care and protection, the implementation of which will certainly help to increase productivity of private wine-growing farms.


Note: “Your Forest” Foundation management andwell-known Israeli company J-Group-Global for the last three years implementing significant and large-scale projects in the agricultural field in Georgia.